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Log in. Suz, Yam, or Hon? Jump to Latest Follow. ed Aug 11, ed May 16, I'm telling Lqqking for motorcycle riding friend having the same large amount of torque at 3k as you do at 10k is a beautiful thing. Also when you have that kind of low end power you find yourself not needing that 14k redline of an I-4, 10k is plenty high. My buddy let me take a ride on his '98 Duc and, while it was very uncomfortable, I loved the power of the engine throughout the rpm range.

How about a Superhawk? Due to the Lqqking for motorcycle riding friend RC51 availability, that would be my nextoption in the world of twins. So how about it How does the Superhawk perform compared to other bikes. I want lots of power in a "twisty-friendly" platform. Too much to ask? I think not.!! On the brighter side: Can you say rr??? ed Apr 25, Your first post you said you loved the high rpm revs; you won't get that on a Twin, the power builds pretty steady on my VTR anyway from down low to about You get butt-stomping torque as opposed to a Four's rocket thrust at high rpms.

It's a differnce- if you like hyper, screaming engines, you probably won't get into a Twin as much, IMO. But if you have the chance, try it- you might like it j. ed Apr 24, They both have comfy seats and footpeg positions. I think the superhawk has a little longer reach to the bars though. Only thing I dont like about the superhawk is the fuel mileage. It gets about mpg compared to the 50 mpg your CBR probably got. Believe it or not after buying mine new the availablility of the RC51 isnt as bad as you would've thought.

I've seen alot of them for sale with next to no miles on them for right around MSRP. Thats actually pretty good when you think about it because you dont have to go through the pain of breaking it in. Let me know if thats what you decide. I'll give you some links to a few good classified s. If you want me again offline and I'll give you some info about the bike. It's been awhile since I've started a thread, so here's something that I've been considering lately. After tossing my "lil" F4, I have decided on buying another bike, although it will be a step up from the I need all your help to choose which one to buy.

OK, here is what I've narrowed my choices down to. I wanna stay with the inline I'm not a big twin kinda guy. I love the high-rpm revs and don't think I could ride without 'em! How are their trannies? How are their engines? I know the mill cranks out some God-awful amounts of power, but is it Honda-reliable? I have focused all my years of motorcycle riding, reading, etc So all you Yamaha and Suzuki guys out there need to help me out, k?

I definitely would be happy with any of these bikes, and they all look bad-ass. I just wanna know all the good and b about all of the bikes. Thanx in advance guys. I'll be back in rider form as soon as I can decide what bike to buy, so the sooner you all can help the better. ed Jul 25, Sorry to hear of your misfortune. Since I have only owned Suzuki's I will tell you my thoughts on the most prolific bike of the year Also my current bike.

The GSXR is awesome. When you first get on it you will be in awe of the light weight and handeling.

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The bike flicks from side to side easier than anything I have ridden. Suzuki engines have never given me a problem. The GSXR is the closest to a "race" bike of the three so it can be ran as such. The seat has even been re-done for and it feels like a gel seat. If you are under six feet tall this bike will not be uncomfortable. If you are a taller rider you may want to check out the Honda. ed Sep 22, I almost forgot. The suspension feels a little soft at first but when ridden hard it actually stiffens up a little.

The bike demands a good rider in the corners. It responds to whatever you do and it turns on a dime so you have to know your line headed into a corner. Also, the bike wheelies as good if not better than any four out there. I'v had it up in third and in first gear I can throttle it up at four grand. The only one I would stay away from is the Kaw. Hey Nick, heres my thoughts. R1-too wheelie happy and unpredictable. Gixxer-just like f2boy stated, no motor below 7k.

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Comfy, fast, light, attractive looking. If these are you only choices i would definately stick with the Besides once you've ridden Honda quality you dont wanna go back. ZX9R-Big and heavy. Thats all I'm saying because I've never ridden one. If your open to other options, explore the world of V-twins. ed Aug 7, Too bad about the F4. That's a rough way to have to get a new Bike. It's according to your desired style of riding. If possible, ride all 3 on your favorite ro and compare.

The R1 was my choice mostly because I like the grunt it has all the way through the power band and it's light handling. ed Apr 11, My vote is go witht he An option you might want to consider with the is having a Fireblade imported from Europe. Now that you don't see to often around town. The color schemes on the European bikes put a lot of the US schemes to shame. Anyone know why that is? Just not fair. ed Mar 8, If you want good manners, go with the zx9 and or the S the R! And Suzuki quality is WAY up there too I checked my valves at 18k and didn't even need any adjustment The other stuff I did because I'm anal!!!!

Jimmy G ed Mar 29, Hummm, geee, umm Tough one Brutha, I just can't answer that one. There is no other - oh yeah and get it in Blue! I can't WAIT to ride today! ed Jul 31, ZX-9R "The woodman does more by skill than by brute force; by skill the pilot guides his storm-tossed barque over the sea, and so by skill one driver Lqqking for motorcycle riding friend beat another.

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Lqqking for motorcycle riding friend

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