Couples in Washington DC

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This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure for full details. From the outside, Washington DC can seem like a concrete jungle full of busy government workers and middle school grade field trip groups. Ps: Check out our list of the best romantic getaways in the South.

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Most beautiful in the morning or just before sunset, this area is an offshoot of the Potomac River where the water is still and you can enjoy gravel paths with excellent views of the Jefferson Memorial. The best time of year to visit DC and the Tidal Basin is during cherry blossom season, when the trees turn pink and white and the whole area seems to light up. While the trails can get very crowded during cherry blossom season, an early morning stroll is the perfect way to escape the large crowds and enjoy the first burst of spring in the city.

The cherry blossoms are just one of many wonderful reasons to visit DC in the spring! Also check out this great tiny cabin getaway near DC that would be perfect in the spring! Nothing says romance quite like secrets, and the best places to go for secrets in Washington DC are the speakeasies. Believe it or not, these secret places actually do fill up! My favorite speakeasy in the city is one near my neighborhood, Logan Circle, called The Gibson. Yeah, meaning you can spend that money you saved on some of the other rad suggestions on this list!

Of course, there are the obvious Smithsonian museums, which are phenomenal and span a wide range of subjects from Native American history to Air and Space. You can find a complete list of Smithsonian museums in Washington DC here. Also, check out this article on 23 tips for visiting the Smithsonian museums! There are many non-Smithsonian museums in Washington DC that are well worth visiting as well. My favorite one, by far, is the Newseum, a museum all about reporting and current events across the ages.

Some other fascinating museums in the city include Blind Whino a local art gallery and collective built into an abandoned churchthe National Gallery of Art, and the International Spy Museum. Check out some more ideas for day trips from DC! As a result, several smaller waterfalls and rapids were formed, combining to create the massive rapid that is Great Falls. Personally, Couples in Washington DC enjoy going to the Maryland side a bit more, as it tends to be less crowded and the hiking and walking trails extend a bit longer.

If you and your partner are up for a challenge, the Billy Goat Trail is a fantastic option to get your adrenaline flowing.

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In my opinion, the best time of year to go to Great Falls National Park is during the fall, when the leaves in the area turn bright red, orange, and yellow and the air is crisp and cool. Fall foliage is pretty romantic in itself, right? Charming brick houses sit daintily next to bakeries, whose smells waft through the windows and entice you to order their red velvet cupcakes. A bustling waterfront offers many areas to sit and chat right by the river, watching the world go by.

For the adventurous couples out there, why not try heading into a dark alley of a large city?! For me, there are few things more cozy or charming than bookstores or cafes. Here, you can pick up the newest addition to your home library while chatting about current events over a warm latte or Couples in Washington DC of wine. Kramerbooks boasts an extremely cozy setting — the walls are totally lined with books on all topics — perfect for the kinds of deep philosophical kinds of conversations you probably like to have with any loved one on a weekend afternoon.

PS: Check out a cat cafe in DC for another quirky, romantic thing to do. Things just got really serious…but not really. No proposing is necessary to enjoy this little historic gem.

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Perhaps the most famous seat in the house is the booth where JFK proposed to Jackie. Perfect for romantic getaways in DC, no? One of my absolute favorite things to do in Washington DC with my boyfriend is to explore the city at night. While some areas can be full of tipsy partygoers and loud music, the monuments are a perfect place to take an evening stroll.

By this time, the field trips and tour buses of the day have cleared out and there are just a few dwindling groups of people there to admire these impressive structures all lit up in the darkness. Amtrak trains, Greyhound buses, and Megabuses also run regularly to Union Station from several destinations across the East Coast. In Washington DC, there are an overwhelming of hotels to choose from. My main recommendation is choosing a hotel that is close to the city center, in a walkable neighborhood.

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Couples in Washington DC

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9 Romantic Things to Do in DC for Couples