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Friendship is honestly amazing. What could be better than having someone you can lean on in the tough times and celebrate with in the good times?

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From enjoying activities together to close conversations and sharing life advice, the friendship weathers almost every storm that life throws at it. The awkwardness and disappointment can sink even a long, cherished friendship. It just means paying attention to how she moves and orients herself. Does she twirl her hair, point her feet in your direction, have Seeking friend or more flush in her cheeks and sometimes choke on her words a bit? Either way, body language is powerful. However, much more important is the als you convey to them. Any man can learn some simple body language techniques that force women to see you as more than a friend.

Watch this excellent free video by Kate Spring. In this free video, she gives you several body language techniques like this guaranteed to help you better attract women. What used to be a relaxing day at the park has become her laughing awkwardly and catching her breath when you turn to look at her.

She giggles nervously and touches your arm when you make a joke in a way that a girl would who has romantic feelings. Or she could be just a good friend who wants to boost you up. In other words, she plays hot and cold, going after you hard one day with all sorts of flirtatious behavior and then pulling back cooly and acting like just a casual friend the next day. Watch out for Passive-Aggressive Pond, if you fall out of your seat over it you can get soaking wet and have a miserable day.

Be interested, but stay cool. She might even rest her head on your shoulder now and then. Ding ding, you have just won the love lottery. Stroke her hair and return the favor. A woman has every right to look amazing without inviting her friend to hit on her. Does she text you up out of the blue to meet up? Prioritize seeing you on her busy schedule? She sticks up Seeking friend or more you passionately and really seems to see your side, even on complicated, emotional issues. Sometimes they overdo it and drive away the object of their affection, but other times it works and the person realizes they are the recipient of a crush.

Is she seeking your attention, brushing a bit closer to you when she passes by, giving you flirtatious, meaningful looks? Does she ask you lots of questions and frequently try to get you involved? Well the first step is to notice. She is laughing at your jokes like you are now a world-famous comedian. She is slapping her knees and howling. If you feel the same then sit back and bask in the appreciation.

Playing with her hair, like I mentioned above, can be a big one. It indicates a bit of nervousness and potential romantic interest. Sometimes your female friend will want to deepen and intensify your existing friendship. Well, think about it. When you text a girl constantly and want her approval and attention is it because you feel extra friendly toward her? Probably not. Or make eye contact and draw in her breath sharply in a weird way and then laugh it off as a cough or something.

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You might even notice her casting less-than-pleased glances at the women taking up your space, lighting up like a glowing goddess when you turn her way and deflating when you give your time and energy to other girls. Lips are a very erogenous zone hello, kissing and when she is biting, licking and doing a lot with her lips it is quite possibly because she wants to be feeling your lips on hers.

Wait, is this a typo? But sometimes your friend will also blank you out and ignore you. Because she wants more: she wants your love.

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She makes puppy eyes over you, brushes your arm, talks about you, asks your opinions. She will seem to know more about your life and its details than even you do. Use these to present just the right amount of confidence, charm, and attention. While they all profess to want men who fawn over them and give them endless attention, they actually want a challenge. When women go out for the evening, we primp and preen the perfect amounts to prepare ourselves to flirt with guys. We know what men want, and Seeking friend or more know exactly how to get those same men to follow us around like a little lost dog.

See it as a challenge. You need to be a bit stand-offish. Worried about your crooked smile? Concerned you wore too much cologne? Not sure if she digs your outfit? Wish you weighed about 10 lbs. Sure, you need to have good general hygiene. But all you really need to attract her is confidence.

This is the point: The men who have the most confidence, and are therefore the most attractive to women, do not have the nicest cars, the coolest apartments, or the best jobs. They probably have some physical flaws, and they may even be a bit overweight. What matters is how you feel about yourself.

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When it comes to confidence, most men fail because they think that no one can tell how you feel about yourself. They have it written all over themselves — in how they dress, walk, talk, smile, and laugh. While it occasionally may happen that friends can move on to become romantic partners, Seeking friend or more can usually think of friendship as a dead end street when it comes to sex and real relationships. You and only you are going to turn this acquaintance into a sexual relationship. Do these small flirtatious things that pique her sexual interest:.

You also want to play to her inner female arousal center. This is an innate need that women have to beat out the competition and win the best male. Women are extremely competitive. And to do that, you need to set up situations in which other women appear to want you.

Do all of these things while continuing with the small flirtations that will arouse her touching her arm, winking at her, etc. Be forthright in letting her know that you are interested too. Either she or they came up with the grand idea to text you. In the world of girls, this is good. Use the tips above to respond. When this happens, use the tips above, but remember that this is a friendship you value. Having a girl tell you she likes you should feel exciting. Be the leading manand have confidence.

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Seeking friend or more

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