Lonely woman in Wickham fool around

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Jane Austen successfully weaves her letters into the natural narrative of the dialogue and description. It is suggested that Jane Austen developed her epistolary mode of writing from many other 18th Century authors such as Samuel Richardson, whose novels are written completely.

Austen uses Pride and Prejudice as a means to express her views on marriage, without being didactic. She frequently satirises views which oppose her own. Austen was a believer that men and women should be more equal.

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Austen believed. It states that the novel will explore the theme of marriage. Jane Austen lived in an opinionated world and this is reflected in her novel. In "Pride and Prejudice" no secret is. Home Research Comparison of Mr. Comparison of Mr. Bennet, whose sole purpose is to marry off her daughters to suitable men. Her eldest, Jane, is her most prized daughter. Bennet is assured that Jane's beauty and meticulous manners will win her a prized husband.

In the end Mrs. Bennet succeeds in marrying her to a husband and in addition she gets Lydia and Elizabeth married too; Jane to Mr Bingley, Lydia to Mr. Wickham and Elizabeth to Mr. Pride and Prejudice is an enduringly popular 19th century novel written by the English author Jane Austen. The …show more content… Also that he had no money of his own too. Finally Mr. Wickham decides to run away with Lydia, which eventually turns out to be a good thing for Mr.

The Bennett's thought that they would get bad name now and that they would never get Janeor any of their daughters for that matter, to marry a man of great fortune. No man would want to marry a woman who has a family with a bad reputation. This is when Darcy comes in and helps out by finding both Lydia and Mr. He pays Mr. Wickham ten thousand pounds to marry Lydia. But Mr. Bennet thinks Mr. Wickham is 'a fool' to 'take Lydia with a farthing less than ten thousand pounds'.

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In the end this saves the Bennet family from a bad reputation and shame. Wickham ends up marrying Lydia. So all in all it seems that Mr. Wickham was generally looking for a woman with money enough to live with and have an ordinary life with the exception that he had taken a liking to Elizabeth when he arrived in to Meryton.

Elizabeth a woman looking for 'romance' and 'love' takes a liking towards Mr. Wickham when she meets him at his arrival to Meryton, but she knows that they can not be together for it would be a hard life with Mr. Wickham as an 'officer in the regiments'.

Then Elizabeth is 'cautioned' by Charlotte to. Get Access. Decisions Made by Women in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Words 11 s by Women in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen 'It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife' This opening paragraph of "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austin has become one of the most famous sentences in English literature. Popular Essays.

Lonely woman in Wickham fool around

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Theme Of Marriage In Pride And Prejudice